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How to be stronger than your excuses

How to be stronger than your excuses

I am sharing this piece earlier than expected thanks to a call from a special friend this afternoon looking for some inspiration.

Ro posed a very important question to me and that is “how did you get motivated to start”? I wish I had a super exciting answer to that question, perhaps one that involved unicorns and exploding fairy dust glitter bombs but alas, I don’t. If you find yourself having a problem for every solution, you need to shake it off. You need to get yourself into a body positive mind space. Accepting yourself for who and what you are is one thing and 100% necessary however, truly loving yourself enough to do what is best for your body, your mind and your health really is the best gift you can give yourself. Taking care of yourself is not selfish – if anything, it is actually selfless! The better state you are in mentally, physically and emotionally actually empowers you to be the best you that you can be for others.

Spring is in the air and if you too are a little blossom sitting waiting to bloom, start! Just start! Don’t wait for Monday, don’t wait for September, just start! Start by asking yourself what your dream for yourself is and write it down. Draw yourself a mind map of where you see your journey going and how you plan on getting there. Start eating cleaner – it is possible to eat well and be happy, I promise!!! It is so important to get active as well. Do a ParkRun, join the gym or start walking up and down the stairs a home, just get active. If you find that you are still making excuses – I want you to take a long hard look at yourself and ask yourself out loud “am I worth my effort?”. AM I worth MY effort? …. Am I worth my effort? Soon, you will be look at yourself saying “I am worth my effort!” You are worth every ounce of energy it takes to get up early. You are worth the prep time it takes to eat clean and look lean. You are worth it.

It is not about vanity, it is about feeling good and being healthier. It’s about finding joy in the little wins along the way (ie actually being able to paint my toe nails this summer without having to hold my breath because my belly was so fat, I couldn’t reach and breathe at the same time) its about finding your inner happiness and showing it on the outside.

I challenge those of you who are sitting at the starting line – be stronger than your excuses because YOU are worth YOUR effort. #Lauren_in_motion #glennscully_for_the_win

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